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that many people zero plays those announcements just to get the birth in the united states. >>> >>> facebook finish below $29 a share yesterday. so what that means the zuckerberg air drops of the top 46 richest people list. facebook is now approved to have 9400 employees. that is three times its current workforce. >>> i think they've proven already to be a good neighbor. >>> i don't think you've done anything to protect my help in terms of pollution that the cars will have in my neighborhood. >>> in just a few hours the two men accused of beating brian stowe are back into court for a preliminary hearing. still a paramedic from santa cruz is recovering from the beating. volunteers will continue the search for a missing morgan hill teenager. the effort will begin at 8:00 this morning for sierra lamar. and to live and was arrested last week in connection with the murder. her family is still hoping she will be found alive. the four porn 0-2 >>> let's check in with elizabeth right now she is live up the largest park in san francisco. >>> wheat were previewing a event that was happening. we are ex
the trading by half an hour on friday morning. >>> 4500 researchers and united states and latin america in san francisco for a conference starting today. the celebrity getting attention is the daughter of ralph will castro. some are blasting the decision to allow her in the country. two homes are destroyed as a wild fire rages near the california and nevada border. it started kindergartner ville nv strong winds fled the flames across 4,000 a.. the winds have shifted direction to push the fire away from home crusoe for full containment by saturday the suspected cause was a controlled burn not put out properly. san jose city council trying to deal with raising the minimum wage >>> when passengers claimed that forced the pilot to make an emergency landing >>> howe bride and groom did not let mother nature ruin ,,,,,,,,, >>> burglars police chief not commenting on allegations he had servile officers investigate the theft of a sudden cellphone. he department confirms our officers were paid overtime in january the chief would not speak with cbs 5 at a city council meeting but mayor tom bates had thi
. it is scheduled at 9:00 eastern time. 50 years ago and didn't united states deployed thousands of military advisers to did not. >>> the nation's bravest were honored at our capital as a part of the rolling thunder. the event is now in its 25th year. it honored those who died or were captured while serving in the military. >>> tropical storm beryl made landfall about midnight this morning. winds at hurricane strength of 70 mi. per hour. they close the beaches. >>> and among the hazards of the storm, and dad are lions. thousands of people in florida and georgia are without power. >>> it looks like they're getting hit pretty hard are there, how about our weather over here? >>> it looks like we have a pretty good did coming our way. the foggy little pick this morning especially as you head into the coastline of the bay. a little more sunshine as we head into the afternoon. the temperatures over the bay bridge a little cooler in some spots. as we head toward the afternoon, the clouds will lift in most spots. '50s and '60s out of the beaches. you will see some 60s and low 70's in toward sends a
battleground between the united states and al qaeda. state department experts have purchased ads on a yemeni trouble website. the show coffins of dead civilians to implicate the impact of al qaeda attacks. alan paton brag about killing americans. police and los angeles took an unruly passenger into custody after a united flight landed last night the passenger began fighting with the crew while the plan was in the air. it was a flight from newark new jersey to los angeles. >>> a bridge safely set for an employee got his job back >>> everytime it goes under the golden gate bridge a cash register goes to ching >>> the cruise ships bringing big bucks to san francisco register goes to ching >>> the cruise ships bringing big bucks to san francisco >>> in the piedmont bir discover britvisit:lumbia. >>> the winds are kicking up in the bay area. pollen count on moderate side. will have more on forecast coming up >>> a live look at conditions across the golden gate bridge. road blockages on the north tower, roadwork going on. check of other bridges coming up. >>> six people recover from injuries on th
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4